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Membership FAQ

Prospective Senior Members - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age restrictions to join?

Adult members must be at least 18 years old.  There is no maximum age limit to join or remain as an adult member.

Does my military service count?

Regular and Reserve officers of the Armed Forces of the United States, active, retired, or honorably discharged, may be advanced to a CAP grade equivalent to their grade in the Armed Forces (but not to exceed lieutenant colonel), in recognition of their military knowledge and experience. 

Regular, Reserve, and National Guard Senior Non-commissioned Officers of the Armed Forces or Coast Guard of the United States, active, or retired, in the grade of E-7 through E-9 may receive an advanced CAP grade in recognition of their military knowledge and experience. 

Such promotions are neither automatic nor mandatory, but are at the discretion of the promoting authority.  

Why do I have to be fingerprinted?

All active adult members must be screened and registered by National Headquarters.  The screening process requires that the individual complete an FD 258 fingerprint card used by NHQ to request an FBI criminal records check to determine membership eligibility.   Felony convictions or patterns of arrests and/or convictions including, but not limited to sex offenses, child abuse, DUIs, dishonesty and violence may be the basis for rejection of membership.   Reports received from the FBI are maintained in strict confidence by NHQ and not released.  

There are no waivers for the fingerprint card requirement, regardless of your current security clearance or recent criminal background check for another organization or company.   

Do members have to wear a uniform?

Adult members may wear the USAF-style uniforms or one of the distinctive CAP uniforms, but usually, some type of uniform is required to participate in activities, events and missions.

I'm not a pilot. Can I still join?

Yes! There are many volunteer jobs in CAP. Whatever your talent or area of interest, there is a unit that needs you. To find out what you can do in CAP, contact a local CAP squadron.

What are the requirements to become a CAP Pilot?

To get an understanding of the requirements to become a CAP pilot, go to the following web site: CAP Pilot Onboarding.

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