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Adult Members

Join as a Civil Air Patrol Adult Member

Adult volunteers, or Senior Members, join the Civil Air Patrol in a variety of roles in support of our mission--Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs.  Senior Members are able fly in CAP aircraft, participate in Emergency Services efforts as a ground team member, provide your leadership and experience (both civilian and militaty) to our cadets, or become an aerospace education officer, just to name a few.  By supporting homeland security, humanitarian missions, and developing our country's youth, the squadron is comprised of a dedicated team of professional volunteers professionals who are proud to be serving in New Hampshire.

CAP adult members come from all walks of life. Some are doctors, nurses, paramedics, or other medical professionals. Others are lawyers, paralegals, accountants, computer programmers, and other business professionals and executives. Really just about any career or background can be useful to and found in the ranks of the CAP adult membership. CAP supports a variety of missions that require adults from all walks of life.  If you are a licensed pilot, you can become a Mission Transport Pilot, transporting supplies, equipment and personnel to needed locations. You can also train to become a Mission Pilot, where you will be qualified to fly search and rescue missions. Other aircrew positions include Mission Observer and Scanner, both crucial to the search and rescue effort.

Emergency Services

In emergency services and operations, CAP not only needs aircrew members, but also ground team members to aid in the rescue of survivors or to assess damage after a disaster. CAP needs communications personnel to relay critical messages when there is limited or no telephone support.  Administrative staff, financial managers, logistics and supply personnel are needed to document missions and get personnel critical supplies and equipment in the field that they need to conduct missions.  You could also become a Ground Team Member. In this specialty, you will be trained to search for downed aircraft, missing persons, or an errant ELT signal.

Cadet Programs

CAP also needs adults to support the cadet program. The Concord Squadron has over 75 active cadets who need mentors willing to help guide and support them. The cadet program provides young adults between the ages of 12 and 21 a well rounded program of leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness, and moral and ethical decision making. In today’s world, we need good people who are willing to step up and help provide a healthy, drug-free environment to develop tomorrow’s leaders. Many former cadets have gone into the military, government jobs, or private sector employment where they can and do make a difference, and really excel. 

Aerospace Education

CAP needs adults for its aerospace education program. In addition to educating our own members, CAP’s adult leaders provide training and resources to teachers who reach out to students of all ages across the country.  Aviation and aerospace impacts the lives of Americans every day, and CAP works to ensure that citizens know how valuable aviation and aerospace is in our world.  

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