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Mission Scanner

Duties and Responsibilities

Being a Mission Scanner uses a systematic method of looking for objects such as downed aircraft or missing persons. The Mission Scanner’s primary responsibility is to maintain constant visual contact with the ground while over the search area. This responsibility makes each scanner a key member of the search aircrew.


To become a Mission Scanner, complete the following tasks:

1. General Emergency Services - Online Course (GES116)

All personnel supporting missions for Civil Air Patrol start with General Emergency Services training.  This is essentially CAP's license to learn, and also provides core training needed by all members in emergency services:

2. Emergency Services Continuing Education - Part 2 (CAPT 117)

This open book questionnaire is focused on Crew Resource Management and is required for all aircrew positions, including Mission Scanner.  The Crew Resource Management reference text can be found under related documents on the right side of this page.  Once familiar with the text, complete the 10 question online assessment. 

3. Familiarization and Preparatory Training Tasks

The Operations Qualifications section of eServices lists all the tasks that are required for each specialty qualification.  These tasks are competency based and provide the prerequisite knowledge needed about the duties and responsibilities of a Mission Scanner.  Each task that needs to be completed corresponds with a task number and supporting information explaining each topic.  Once familiar with this information, schedule time to sit down with someone at the squadron who is "SET" Qualified (Skills Evaluator Trainer)  

  • O-2015 Demonstrate Ground Operations and Safety

  • O-2017 Demonstrate Post Crash Actions

  • O-2019 Demonstrate Proper Number and Character Pronunciation

  • O-2020 Use Prowords and Code Words

  • O-2021 Interpret Emergency Signals and Demonstrate Air/Ground Team Coordination

  • O-2024 Demonstrate Use of Sectional Charts

  • P-2013 Discuss Mission Scanner Duties and Responsibilities

  • P-2014 Discuss CAP Liability Coverage and Mishap Reporting

  • P-2015 Enter Data into CAP Forms

  • P-2016 Identify and Discuss major Aircraft Controls

  • P-2017 Identify and Discuss Major Aircraft Instruments

  • P-2018 Discuss Aircraft Weight and Balance

  • P-2019 Discuss Items Checked During an Aircraft Preflight Inspection

  • P-2020 Discuss the Dangers of Wake Turbulence

  • P-2021 Discuss how Atmospheric and Lighting Conditions Affect Scanning Effectiveness

  • P-2022 Identify Visual Clues and Wreckage Patterns

  • P-2023 Discuss how Reduced Visibility and Turbulence Affect Search Operations

  • P-2024 Discuss Strategies to Combat High Altitude Effects

  • P-2025 Discuss Common Search Terms

  • P-2026 Identify What to Look For and Record During Damage Assessment Missions

  • P-2027 Describe CAP Search Patterns

  • P-2028 Discuss Crew Resource Management

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