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Squadron History

Operating from the New Hampshire Army National Guard Armory and Concord Municipal Airport in Concord, NH, Civil Air Patrol provides the region with a year-round cadet program and trains a corps of uniformed volunteers for its search & rescue and disaster relief missions.

Civil Air Patrol has been a fixture in Concord since the 1940's with a local unit and the state headquarters located here in the Capital Region.  In 1978, the Concord Squadron became known as the “Concord Corsairs” Squadron.  In 1996, the Corsairs Squadron was deactivated due to declining membership and a lack of qualified leadership. In late 1997, the current squadron was chartered as a composite squadron — combining both the agency’s cadet training program and its operational missions under one integrated, or composite, squadron.   The squadron is part of Civil Air Patrol’s New Hampshire Wing.

Squadron Emblem & Patch

“The ultramarine & yellow are the Civil Air Patrol and United States Air Force colors, ultramarine the color of a clear sky, yellow the sun. The State of New Hampshire is green, outlined in white, representing the forested and snow-covered white mountains.  The star represents our home, the City of Concord, the state capitol of New Hampshire. The Cessna 182 stands for Civil Air Patrol’s aviation mission, and our commitment to general aviation, aerospace education and search & rescue, while the orange “swoosh” shows the unit’s encompassing endurance, pride & strength. Behind it all are the colors of the American standard: red for hardiness and valor, blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice, and finally white, symbolizing purity and innocence. Members of the squadron proudly wear this patch on their field uniforms and flight suits.

Concord Civil Air Patrol NH-032 Squadron Patch
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